Against Yourself. Between Friends. In Family. With Colleagues.





  • Footgolf is played on golf courses only.

  • The rules are exactly the same as golf except you use your foot and a football.

  • Normal 3 from 80 to 120 yards.

  • Normal 4 from 120 to 180 yards.

  • Normal 5 from 180 to 250 yards.

  • A fast pace of play. (18 holes of Footgolf = 2h)



  • It's open to Everyone! if you can walk and kick a ball then FootGolf is for you!

  • Ideal for everyone, young and old.

  • Ideal for events where non-golfers are reluctant to participate.

  • Ideal for soccer or sport teams.

  • Ideal for activities with family or friends.

  • Ideal for corporate and corporate events, bring your work colleagues and prove who has what it takes to claim the FootGolf title!


  • The Footgolf is played using a size 5 soccer ball towards the specifically identified holes.

  • The object of the game is to get the ball into the hole using only your feet in the fewest number of shoots possible.

  • The score: by hole all along the 18 holes.

  • You can play on your own or in teams.

  • Equipment: multi-sport shoes or indoor soccer shoes. If the floor is wet, we recommend indoor soccer shoes.

  • The dress code: at your convenience. You can dress as a soccer player or golf player. Sportswear is accepted. We recommend clothes that allow good freedom of movement. Beachwear, jeans and camisoles prohibited.

  • Restrictions: Soccer shoes with crampons prohibited. Golf shoes are not made for this sport and can cause injury.

  • It is VERY important not to walk on golf greens. Golf greens are not part of Footgolf's game.



  • The start of each hole is located between the two orange markers.

  • The ball must be placed on the ground and kicked.


  • Wood except the limits of the ground and the water obstacles (brooks or lakes) are water obstacles which can incur knocks of penalties. The trapdoors of sand are a doable(playable) obstacle without penalty.

  • The trapdoor must be raked after the blow.


Order of play

  • The starting order of the first player is randomly determined.

  • For the following holes, it is the player who misses the most shots at the last hole that starts.

  • After the first shot of each hole, on the course, each time the player farthest from the target must play.



  • The scores will be written on a card provided for this purpose.

  • Each hole offered to a (number of shots to reach the target) ranging from 3 to 5.

  • The limit of shots per hole is 10. The player is represented by the ball and the score of 10 is written on the card.


Weekly rates

  • 11:00 to 15:00 - 24.00 $

  • 15h at closing - 20.00 $

  • Children 1 $ of their age (10 years = 10 $)

  • Ball rental 3.50 $/ ball.

  • Golf cart rental.


Rates on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

  • 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm - 28.00 $

  • 15h at closing - 24.00 $

  • Children 1 $ of their age (10 years = 10 $)

  • Ball rental 3.50 $ / ball.

  • Golf cart rental.




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